Why an evaluation?

Sometimes, despite hard work or academic support, children struggle significantly with certain aspects of school. Parents, teachers, and often the children themselves, are left confused about what the problem is and, perhaps more importantly, how to fix it. An evaluation is a roadmap which can answer these questions. It helps identify a child's learning strengths and weaknesses.

What should I expect?

An evaluation consists of a thorough parent intake, interviews with people familiar with your child's learning (i.e. school professionals, tutors, therapist), and several testing sessions with your child. Through careful assessment and observation I pinpoint areas of difficulty (e.g. attention, verbal skills, memory, etc.). Based on your child's unique learning pattern and personality I make focused recommendations and strategies for how to improve troublesome areas. I always pay special attention towards including your child's strengths, as these are often the best way to help with problem areas.

What happens next?

At the end of the evaluation parents are given a comprehensive written report, which can be shared with your child's school and any other professionals who work directly with your child. I strive to make my reports "user-friendly" for parents so that the information can best be used to help your child learn. In addition, I review these results in a 1-2 hour parent feedback session; this ensures that you understand all the results and have an opportunity to ask questions. Your child is also given a separate feedback when the results are explained in an age-appropriate way.

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